Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Why did I come to Canada?! Part 19 of 27

I went to the same coffee place and the girl at the counter asked if she could help me. I replied that I was waiting for someone and asked her to give me some time. I was waiting for a client to appear so she could get distracted or for her to go to the back. I could see the crackers on the counter next to the cutlery and the napkins; there were only 5 little packages. Finally a client! He ordered and I hurried on my way to the crackers. I grabbed the crackers when the girl asked again - so are u ready to order? Shit!!! I dropped the crackers. I was too embarrassed…so I moved to the counter and looked at the menu and said, “You know I am gonna call my friend and I will be back.” I left that place embarrassed and starved.

I didn’t know what to do. I was exhausted, sleepy, sad and hungry. I was walking and just thinking on what to do next when an old black lady approached me and said “Hi” and I answered her by saying “Hi” also. She looked a bit like a homeless. She smiled and talked about how spring was coming. I nodded in agreement, and the truth is that I was glad that I had someone to talk to. She asked me if I was of Serbian or Albanian descent, so I told her I was from Mexico. (I did not feel like explaining the whole Chicano thing [born in the U.S from Mexican parents]) She exclaimed, “I thought Mexicans were very short and dark!” Hmm... (I hate when people stereotype how a Mexican should look like). I told her that many Mexicans are short and dark, but we come in all colors and sizes. We chatted for a bit about mundane stuff. Yes, I was still talking to the bag lady. She said, “Well I have to go. Nice talking to you,” and handed me a $20 dollar bill.

I was like…Why are you giving me money?!?! I don’t want your money.
-She said, “Take it, its free.”

I was hesitant to take it because what if she wants me to do something for this money? I can’t possibly be free! I kept refusing, but she insisted.

-She said, “You need it.”

She grabbed my wrists and placed the money in my hand, closed it and said, “This is yours.”

I was perplexed!!! I couldn’t believe it… I couldn’t even say thanks as she walked away before I could say something.

I was still holding the money in my hand as tears were coming out of my eyes because I could not believe that a perfect stranger, that look like a homeless and looked like she needed the money more then I did, had a sensitive spirit to feel that in deed was in need….

I thanked God and stopped crying because I did not want people to look at me. I was so moved by the kindness of this person
I took the money and went to eat something; I was still shook up about the incident and very grateful.

To be continued...


Christine said...

Big ((hugs)) to you!

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Good morning Shania,

It's interesting how outward perceptions shape both our thinking and judgement of people before ever knowing a thing about them.

The woman had a perception of Mexicans being "short and dark" and you had a perception of her being "a poor old homeless Black woman".

Both perceptions appear inaccurate. It's good your perception didn't prevent you from eating.

I've learned something valuable today. Thanks.


Shania said...

Christine: Thank you, hugs to you too.

U: you are right my perception was wrong and I am very thankful that she helped me. I am not in any way saying that she looked like a homeless because she was black, I am just trying to be honest and explain what I was thinking at the time.

I know that some people might take it the wrong way but my intention is not offend anybody. I am simply telling my story and explaining "my perception"

This was a valuable lesson for me as well.

thanks for your comment.

.beee. said...

People like that really restore your faith in the human race. There really ARE good and kind people out there, after all.

Shania said...

Bee: In deed people like her made me believe that there are still some good people in the world. Thanks for your comment.