Friday, March 13, 2009

Why did I come to Canada?! Part 9 of 27

At work, Randy was a real prick .I was opening the coffee shop at 7am and finished at 10pm; sometimes he won’t give me a break or lunch and would be fuming if I asked for it.

He finally hired someone new; she was an uber good looking blonde, runway model type of girl from Russia. Sasha did not speak English well and it was making everything extremely difficult for me because besides doing all this extra work, I always had to keep an eye on her,she would mess up the orders and I had to fix everything. I felt for Sasha because she was a really nice girl and I could tell that she was really trying. Randy kept asking me if Sasha was competent, I said yes because I wanted to give her a chance. He stated that the reason he hired her was because her good looks would bring a large number of clients.

I offered to help her learn the names of the condiments such as ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise because she did not even know that. I made her sheet cheats and helped her to learn the value of the currency. She was really appreciative and we became good friends. It was certainly a blessing having her in that place, we were making a good deal on tips, all the guys were generous when she was around (this time we did not share tips with dickface. Yes, it was my idea.) Now that I think about it, Randy did have a nose shaped like a dick, appropriate name for him)

That night I went home extremely exhausted.Marven and Loizo were at home, they asked Piercedtongue if he was up for a party, he said yes and I started getting ready. I was ready to go and Piercedtongue ask me where was I going,

I said: “Duh.. I am going to the party with you guys”

He said:” parties are for whores, you are not going anywhere, I will be right back and you stay here”

Although we were having this conversation in the bathroom they heard everything.

Marven and Loizo were astonished, (I saw their faces of disbelief when I came out)

Marven apologized and said: “I am sorry I shouldn’t have said anything”
I said that it was OK, I was tired anyway.

I was mortified and wanted to slap Piercedtongue but I did not want to make a scene in front of his friends. I kept my mouth shut and just stayed there. I was so infuriated, hurt and offended. I kept going through the scenario and thinking of things that I should have said. Instead I stood there like a moron.

He left a box of cigarettes, started smoking and, finished a damn pack of cigarettes. I was left with a major headache and the fucker was still not home. He came home around 5am. I had no sleep and in 2 hours I had to be at work. I was enraged, confronted him and told him that he was a damn asshole. He told me that this was for my own good because he did not want to marry a whore. (Again, I stood there like a dumbass.)

The next day there was a knock on the door,it was the superintendent saying that we were 4months behind on the rent and that he needed to get something. I had just gotten paid two days before and I gave him all my money which only covered one months rent.

I confronted Piercedtongue and got into a huge argument. I told him that he was a real irresponsible person. I was so angry and there was no response from him, like if I was talking to a wall. It made me even angrier and was trying to say things that would hurt him…. so I told him that he was not a man… that he was a fag (this has nothing to do with homosexuality, please do not take it out of context. I am just trying to say how things actually went) He raised his hand at me and I stared at him showing him no fear but inside of me I was frightened. I told him: “you touch my American ass and you would be in serious trouble” (Of course being American has nothing to do with getting him in trouble but I was just trying to scare him, and it worked.) He stormed out the door and did not come home that night.

I was crying and not knowing what to do, I couldn’t talk to anybody. I did not want to call Mina or bother Sasha with my problems. (Sorry BF, I did not want to call you because I knew what you would’ve said)

He came back the next day. I apologized, he apologized as well and we had makeup sex. I was in a trance, I thought of letting him go and just come back to The States but I kept telling myself that I loved him, that I could not live without him.

I would hug him all night and just be thrilled with the idea that I had him in my life, there was something about the stubble on his face that would make me melt. I could not let him go, he is too beautiful, he is mine. I rather die than to see myself with out him.

To be continued..


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