Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Why did I come to Canada?! Part 12 of 27

I arrived home from work and there was an eviction notice on the door, that same night the landlord came and asked us to pay the remaining balance or leave. Obviously we did not have the money. Piercedtongue called his friend Mohammad to see if maybe we can stay with him for a few weeks until we find another place.

Moe’s apartment was a small studio, I told Piercedtongue “there is no privacy whatsoever how are we going to have sex? “ In a way I thought that it was a good idea if we stopped having sex, maybe I can get my thoughts together. He told me that he did not want to have sex until we were sure that I am not pregnant and if I was I knew what to do but until then no sex. I was very sadden by his answer but I was not willing to tell him that I was gonna have an abortion. I wished that I wasn’t pregnant I did not want to have a baby living in these conditions.

Moe was nice and very respectful, he was hardly at home and as usual Piercedtongue wasn’t working much, I was working less because the restaurant wasn’t doing well. Piercedtongue informed me that he found a job in another province; he assured me that he was going to make enough money to afford a place of our own and that he would be back in two weeks.

A week passed and he called me to find out if I got my period, I told him that I did and asked him when he was coming back, he said that in about a week.
It was 2 weeks already and he was still not back, I called him and he said that he needed to stay three more weeks so that we would have more money.

The situation at home with Moe was awkward, he was very polite but sleeping in a studio without some kind on division was like sleeping with a stranger in the same room, it was very embarrassing the good thing was that he would disappear on the weekends and did not come back until Tuesday or even Wednesday.

4 weeks have passed and have not heard from Piercedtongue, I decided to call him, he told me he was busy working and that I should not call him, that he would be back next Saturday and I could talk all I want.

Finally Saturday arrived, I was thrilled to know that I was going to see him; the truth was that I missed him very much. I woke up early that morning, cleaned the house, did laundry, was thinking on making dinner but there wasn’t much food and did not have enough money to buy groceries. I took a shower shaved my legs and everything else, exfoliate my skin, gave myself a pedicure and manicure, I wanted to look perfect.

It was 10pm and I heard a knock on the door my heart started pounding, I gave myself a quick look in the mirror and then opened the door….. hmmmm, it was Moe and Marven , “grhhhh” I smiled but was not happy to see them, I was tremendously disappointed because I wanted to be alone with Piercedtongue. Moe said

“I heard Piercedtongue is coming today is he here yet?”

I said “no, not yet.”

Midnight and still no sign of Piercedtongue, I was getting worried, how about if something happened to him, if the plain crashed? Or he doesn’t want to come back anymore because he has another woman? Moe said that he probably missed the flight. I called him but I kept getting his voice mail. I wanted to cry but I was embarrassed to cry in front of Moe, he saw how distressed I was so he called him. Piercedtongue answered ,they spoke in Arabic for about three minutes, I kept asking Moe to let me talk to him but he was signaling to wait. Moe hang up looked at me and said,

“He is ok, don’t worry about him,”

I said “why didn’t you give me the phone?”

Moe said “he is not coming, not tonight,”

I “did he say when?”

Moe ” I don’t know , he did not say”

I was furious and I called him back, he didn’t answer, I kept trying and trying until he finally answered and said

“I can’t talk to you right now”

I said “what the fuck is goin on? why are you not here? When are you coming?”

He“listen I can’t talk, I am working”


He “ I DON’T KNOW, I will let you know, bye” click he hung up.

Marven was telling me not to worry that everything would be ok, he excused himself and went home. Moe asked me if I wanted to go to the club but I did not feel like going clubbin. I had a feeling that Moe knew more then he wanted to say, I was so sad and angry at the same time, so miserable, this fucken guy, why is he doing this? Is this a cultural thing? Is he cheating on me? Am I over reacting? I was looking for something to drink, I want something strong, and I wanted to drown my sorrows. I looked around and there was nothing, not a single drop of alcohol in this fucken house!

To be continued...


Christine said...

What a freaking dirt-bag!!!! OMG!!!!
I would be hopping-mad like a spider.

There is just some things that are very necessary, like respect and common courtesy. In my mind, there is nothing more simple, and thoughtful as to pick up the phone to say that you are running late, or things have changed. Hmmmmmmmm … well, my feathers are ruffled …
Looking forward to part 13.

bobbyd1536 said...

I agree with Ms. Christine...

this guy def. lacks in respect n class. Overall grimy.

I'm hoping there is a happy ending involving your boot to someone's ass at the end of this...hehe

b on the look out for the next chapter.

pce n' laughter


.beee. said...

Seriously, I agree with the other 2 comments. There's nothing more rude than not letting someone, whom you claim to love, know that you're running behind or not coming back. That's a terrible feeling when someone doesn't show up and you're left wondering what's happened to them! UGH! He's such an ass.....

underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Shania,

I understand the level of outrage from the comments, but what is obscured is the level of respect and commitment PT had towards you.

A man does not behave in this way when he has an understanding of manhood. When a man loves a woman, respect and commitment aren't withheld like some treat you give an animal for performing a trick.

When a male conducts his life this way, it is an embarrassment to all men.


BitterSweet said...

Just when I thought the worst was happening this freaking man (if you can even call him a man) kept that unexcusable behavior going. I hope that eventually you stood up to him and said "i am no longer going to take this freakin crap from you F'n A$$^*!#."

Christine said...

Shania ...

OK .... I am now all caught up .. yhea. Even read some of the comments ... as well as the ass whoopin ones ... which got me all excited and ready to go ...
I just hope you are safe!!!!!!!!

Umas said...

I completely agree with U .........

As they say action speaks louder than words........
This guy doesnt respect anyone.He seems to be very inconsiderate and self centered.

Shania said...

Christine: LOL "I would be hopping-mad like a spider" At first I thought that they were all cultural differences but it is "common courtesy and respect"(like u said) and that is universal. I am safe now, thanks for you comments.

Bobbyd1536:Well he totally lacked respect n class I was just to dumb to see it.Thanks Bobbyd (I wished I would've giving him the boot or at least a good ol' ass whoppin)

Bee: I totally agree and thats why I was so angry at myself for letting him get away w/shit. thanks for commenting

U: your comments are always so thoughtful and right to the point. I totally agree but when I was in this "trance" I couldn't think logically. Thanks very much for your comment

Bittersweet: Wait there's more this not the worst...I am sorry to disappoint you but I did not get to tell him that.. you will see why

Shania said...

Umas: you are so right, Actions do speak louder than words and yes he was to inconsiderate and selfish, and I was just deaf,dumb and blind.