Tuesday, December 22, 2009


There are times that I want to be reckless. There are times that I'm mad at the world. Times that I want to punch people in face for no apparent reason. To act now and think later or better yet, not to think at all.

I want to be angry because I have a reason....
Because I think I have a valid reason....'
Or because I don't have a reason

I just wanna be mad

Some people would say that there is a reason for my anger
and I think there is but today I don't want to analyze anything
Logic has no business here

I just wanna be mad

Don't wanna think about that crap that I always preach "Everything happens for a reason" Bullshit!

Today, Shit happens cause that's the mothafucken life!
Wish I can blame someone but my stupid conscious speaks and says "that's not fair, don't lay blame"

Wish I can be the victim and say "Oh, It wasn't my fault, I was helpless" but lady honesty says "that's not true, you knew better"

Wish I can say " All it's lost, we are all fucken doomed.Let's just stand here and wait for chaos to arrive"

But inopportune lady hope says "Don't give up, you can change it"

Fuck! What to do?

I want to be mad

Mad for a reason or for no reason

But those three bitches speak their mind.