Thursday, March 5, 2009

Why did I come to Canada?! Part 4 of 27

Two days before thanksgiving and 1 day to go. I told my mom that I was going to Canada and that I had it with her drama. She did not ask any relevant questions, my uncle on the other hand was a little perplexed and concerned, asked me who was I going with I told him with a couple of friends from college, he said to be careful and to not be angry at my mother. I figure that since she was a bitch with me, she did not deserve to know the truth, anyways she wanted me gone.

I was rushing to get everything ready and I did not have much time to think, nor sleep. I said my final good byes and I was sad to leave my 2 brothers with the witch.

I got to the airport and it hit me, I began to realize the importance of my actions, I started getting nervous and shaking. I had to control myself because this was after 9/11 when everybody was paranoid and I did not want to look suspicious, the last thing I needed is to be stopped by police because they think I am about to blow up a plain. I had to wait a couple of hours for my plane, I went to the chapel in the airport and I just poured my heart out to God.

I was so afraid, I was all ready in the airport and there was no going back. I cried and prayed that he wasn’t a psychopath and murder me like in the movies; I did not wish to die that way. I asked God to forgive me for being stubborn and disobedient. I stopped crying because I was ruining my make up and did not want to re do it.

After 5 hours in a plane I arrived in Canada.

I was half awake and extremely exhausted because I had no sleep the night before. I rushed to retouch my make up, made sure that my hair was in place, checked if I still smelled fresh and ensured that my clothes were not too wrinkled.

It was about 9 pm and there I was in Canada home of the maple leaf.
To be continued...

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