Monday, March 2, 2009

Why did I come to Canada?! Part 1 of 27

{I have not finished writing this entry so I am not sure how many parts I have but it is a long one, please bear with me. As soon as I finish writing it I will let you know how many parts are remaining. Thank you for your understanding}

I had a one way airplane ticket to Canada in my hand. I could not believe what I was doing. It was crazy, insane, there was no logic.

A few weeks prior buying my ticket I explain to my best friend, what I was about to do. She insisted that it was not a wise idea, I did not care I made up my mind and there was no human power stopping me.

The truth was that a found a way out, a way out of my mother’s house, away out of my loneliness and a way out of this monotony. I wanted to breathe a different air, there was a lack of something, I needed something exiting, and I was bored. Now that I think about it my mother did play a big factor in making my decision but I cannot say that she made me do this, I really can’t tell if I would have done the same thing with out her constant disapproval of everything, I guess I was rebelling, I don’t know maybe it was fate.

I met him online, Yahoo to be exact. I had a friend from Canada named Mike I talked to Mike for sometime (met him in yahoo also) he was a nice Palestinian guy living in Canada, our relationship was extrictly friendship.

One day while in college I was feeling kind of bored, my lecture was so boring and I could not get myself to concentrate, I did not want to be there. I opened my messenger and there was no one to talk to, I decided to enter a chat room. Piercedtongue420 requested to talk to me I accepted we talk for sometime, he was a slow typists and I was getting annoyed but I continued talking to him because I rather do that then concentrate on my lecture.

I mentioned that I had a friend named Mike living in the metropolitan area; he told me that he had a cousin named Mike living in the metropolitan area as well, he described him exactly like the Mike I knew, I thought it was such a curious coincidence.

I sent a message to Mike asking him if he knew this guy, I waited a few days and there was no response from Mike. I talked to piercedtongue420, I asked him what was going on with Mike why he wasn’t answering my emails, Piercedtongue said that he went back to Middle East to visit family. We hit it off quite well by this time we were already talking on the phone for hours. His cousin Mike finally came back, I spoke to him on the phone and explain to him who I was and that I talked to him before, he said he did not know who I was, I gave” my Mike’s” email address and it wasn’t him, it was all a mistake. To me this did not matter, I thought: oh well it is not important. I liked piercedtongue

I was spending a fortune on calling cards; I neglected my studies, my social life, my church etc...

When I met piercedtongue I had ended a 1 ½ year relationship, well if you can call it a relationship. To me it was indeed the most rich and inspiring relationship I’ve ever had. I regretted not taking chances and being a coward, too scared and worried about what people would think of me that I let this opportunity passed. It was my firs Love (Check out my Post “My first Love” I will be posting it soon.)

Piercedtongue and I were spending so much time together, on the phone,webcam,email. We were so in lust. I was enjoying having him in my life, it was a thrill, it was exiting, I could be myself. He was so caring he listened to everything I had to say, he was so handsome, and he was a dream. Although I was having all this emotions I never thought it was serious, I wanted to enjoy this ride, I wanted to live this fantasy for as long as I could.

While putting gas in my car I was on the phone with him (Yes, I know dangerous, at least that’s what I heard) he asked me to come and see him, he gave his reason why he could not come to see me, he offered to pay for half of my airplane ticket, I accepted and told him to give me about 8 months to save money and to wait for a school brake. At that moment I clearly remember telling my self: Shania you are in deep deep trouble.
To be continued…


Richard said...

This looks like it is going to be an interesting story.

Shania said...

Thanks Richard.