Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Why did I come to Canada?! Part 7 of 27

The morning after, he woke up before I did. I opened my eyes and wondered where I was, I realized that it was not a dream but in fact this was my reality. My eyes were searching for him but could not find him anywhere. I rushed to the bathroom, the door was left ajar, he was standing shirtless in front of a mirror brushing his teeth, and before I had a chance to hide (because I just woke up, I did not know how I looked) he smiled and asked me how was I feeling, I told him that I was very embarrassed with what happened last night, he said that it was normal, it happens the first time, trust me you will like it.

He asked me if I wanted to go the store to buy some groceries, I accepted and started to get ready. I had no winter clothes except for some scarves and gloves that I bought prior coming to Canada. He helped me to put on my scarf, kissed me and offered to lend me one of his jackets, I putted it on and I looked ridiculous, so I opted for one of my jackets and dealt with the cold.

We came back, made lunch cuddled and watch movies (tapes) because he had no cable. It was probably 6pm when we heard a knock on the door, it was two of his friends Marven and Loizo he introduced me as his wife to be (I thought it was totally cute.)
We talked for a while and I completely liked Marven; besides being exceptionally good looking he was very polite and nice. Loizo was hideous (inside and out) arrogant and idiotic, I loathed him right away.

After they left, Piercedtongue and I started making out, he asked me if I wanted to have sex I told him no, that it was too painful. We kept kissing, touching, stroking; for a second time he asked me, I said no maybe tomorrow. I wanted to have sex but I was too frightened. We kept kissing this time we were basically dry humping, yet again he continued asking, and I finally gave in. We had sex, it was a still painful and I even bleed a bit but it was nothing like before.

The next morning I woke up before him, took a shower, putted make up on and tried to look my best. I made breakfast (no bacon cause he was Muslim) toasts and eggs :( We ate and had sex all day,all kinds of sex, it was not painful at all, I was really enjoying it, I was learning new stuffs that I only saw in porn. I was having a good time; I felt this closeness that I’ve never felt before. I was feeling sexy, and beautiful.

The thought of knowing that I could provoke a man with just looking at him or showing him my body, to have the ability to arouse him whenever I felt like, I discover a power that I did not know I had . I felt like a “woman”.

I called my best friend and told her how happy I was. I can’t remember what she said; I was high in love, lust and the novelty of sexual pleasure.
To be continued..


Blake said...

I swear, sometimes it's like you're writing about my ex-boyfriend. I can't wait to see the rest of the story to see how many more similarities I can find.

Thanks for all the comments, they def get me smiling =)

Shania said...

Hmmm... with our luck, I hope he is not the same person LOL well, he used to live in N.Y(all of a sudden is not that funny)

Elise said...

First time visit! I'm going to have to back up and read them all. Love the style of your writing though. You mention the little things that set the scene xx

Faker said...

27 parts! thats a long story!(but am enjoying it nonetheless)

Shania said...

Elise: Wow,it is such an honor that you are reading my blog! Thank you for the comment,I humbly accept it.

Faker: Actually,I had about 40 pages but I decided to summarize it into 27 parts... Now that you mention it is a lot but I have so much to say, I hope I don't bore you to death. Please let me know ok? I don't mind constructive criticism.