Saturday, February 21, 2009


The person that you see is not that person that I am,

The person that you see doesn't like "me"

The person that is walking is going to a place

The place that I am going has nothing to do with "me"

Walking like a zombie

A zombie in this world

Tell me what to do, tell me what to think

I will tell the truth nothing but the truth

Even if my truth is different then yours

I must obey all the rules

If I want to be successful in this world

I must obtain riches, power, knowledge and degrees

Remember to be nice if you want acceptance

Remember to pretend, but always tell the truth

So what happens if I tell the truth?

Will you see me the same way?

Will everything be OK?

If I follow all the rules

Will I find happiness?

Will I be fulfilled?

I've been told that this world doesn't matter and I a way I believe is true

But how can I avoid losing my true essence in this virtual world.

I've being putting different mask through out my life;

I am told by elders that I should hide my imperfections and show my best assets

I been told by others to tell the truth

But are they really ready for the truth?

If I tell you what I think will you still be my friend?

If I tell you how I feel will you still be there?

What no one told me is that I should follow the rules

But as the game unravels I should cheat too.

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Anonymous said...

Truth is not free, there is a price to pay.