Tuesday, February 24, 2009

51 things I love about myself and random things I like

•My sense of humor, I think I have an ok sense of humor

•My compassion towards other people, I try to put myself in someone else shoes

•My generosity, I go out of my ways to help someone in need

•My spirituality, I believe in God, I believe in hope, I believe that everything happens for a reason and that each step I take no matter how insignificant, leads me to my ultimate goal

•My intelligence, EI (emotional Intelligence) and some what academic

•My honesty (despite what I wrote in the other post)

•I try to be as fair as possible

•Having an open mind, not necessary have to agree but learn about others

•My ability to make friends, without being too fake

•I know how to keep secrets

•I am a true friend not a back stabber

•I am able to be extremely nice(and mean it) but I don’t let others bus me around or take advantage of me

•I tell you how it is, even if it hurts, I have a hard time with this one because no matter how many times I’ve done it, I still don’t want to hurt peoples feeling but at the end I tell them the truth

•My ability to move on, if you don’t like me, If you reject me, If I am not what you want, there is always some else for me

•My thankfulness, I start my day with a small prayer of thankfulness, I thank people from my boss, my family even the clerk in the store, Make eye contact and really let them know that I appreciate what they do for me

•I still believe in the goodness of people, I believe I must give back ,I should not keep what was given to me by grace

•I strongly believe in Karma, Do unto others as you would have others do unto you

•I am a quick learner

•Always looking to learn new things

•Always looking at the bright side of things

•Not afraid to ask questions even when people give me this look, “what you mean you don’t get it”

•I try to keep it real as much possible

•I like to read; self help books,magazine,articles,blogs,etc

•I enjoy trying new things and sometimes I regret it , like the time I tried Durian fruit, ewwww never again!!

•I enjoy watching films especially independent and foreign (if anybody know of a good website to watch these kind of movies, let me know)

•I like to meet people from different backgrounds (ethnic,social,academic,religious,etc) there is so much I can learn from them

•I love all kinds of music, I find beauty in all of them

•I like to daydream

•I like to find meaning even in the smallest things

•I love to do quizzes and test just to find out more about myself(let me know if there are any good website for test and quizzes)

•I like to analyze things and see the best possibility although sometimes I just go with what I feel

•I have many layers just like an onion, different interests that sometimes I did not know I had, It is so exciting to find this about myself

•I can adapt to any environment

•I like to reflect on my life

•I love to drink water

•I love to cook especially learning new recipes from different cultures

•I love to meet people

•I like to let people know how much I love them

•I am crazy about coconuts, I love all fruit and vegetables(except celery and durians)

•I love to smell nice aromas such as lavender, coconut, baby powder, passion fruit, etc.

•I like to send blessings to strangers, ex: I am in the subway and I see a stranger just sitting there then all of the sudden I feel sympathy towards him/her, I take a moment say a prayer and bless this person(I don't let them know,they'll think I am crazy)

•I love fine chocolate

•I love the fact that my armpits don’t smell, I am serious, I’ve asked friends and my husband to check them out, and they all agree that they have no smell. Wanna smell them?

•I like sex, just like everybody else

•I love make up, but not trashy or too heavy

•I love to laugh until I am pissing in my pants

•I love my husband

•I love to know and feel that someone loves me

•I love to sleep and I can sleep well most of the time

•I love to blog

•I like to think about the good things I have and the ones I don’t… maybe I just don’t need them


Love Always said...

I just added the follow my blog thing, I never remembered to do it, because most blogs I follow don't have the button, so I'm used to following them the long way!


It's amazing be ale to read this post because I don't specak english, but... I'm trying to do it

My congratulations, poet, 4 U

bobbyd1536 said...

I'm humbled by your kind words. Thank you very much. I appreicate you taking the time to stop by and leave your feedback. :-)

cool lists of dislikes/likes. its like a bad angel - good angel on your shoulders type of conversation.


"I choose to be an optimist because I refuse to concede defeat...."

Shania said...

Thanks Francisco for you comment. If you ever have a question about my blog because I use slang and Idioms let me know,I will be more than happy to clear things out for you.

Bobbyd: you are such an inspiration and I am always looking forward to read your next entry. Thanks for your comment

A Cuban In London said...

Nice to know the person behind the blogger. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

The Drifter said...

Hello Shania,

Thank You for commenting on my blog. I am pleased you liked my page. I do hope to hear from you again.

The Drifter said...

Hello Shania,

Thank You. I am honored you have chosen to follow me.

Shania said...

Thanks Cuban in London for your comment.
Drifter I am pleased to follow your blog, you will be hearing from me often.

maryva said...

I really like your blog, Shania.
Well done! and thanks for you comment in onlyforbabies...my blog.

Shania said...

thanks Maryva for commenting.

vixen kitten said...

These were great! We have a lot in common.


Shania said...

thanks vixen Kitten!