Friday, February 20, 2009

51 Things I am not proud of/don’t care

•I am a chocoholic

•I lie about my age/weight

•I talk to myself when no one is around

•I’ve picked my nose when no one is looking

•I lied to someone just to start a conversation or fill up an uncomfortable silence during a conversation

•I don’t tell good looking guys that I am married until asked

•I don’t wear underwear in the summer or when wearing a skirt(don't care)

•I’ve talked to my best guy friend on the phone and when my husband asked I said it was my brother

•I once lied about meeting a girl friend and went to dinner with a guy friend/it was friendship only

•I’ve fantasized about an attractive co worker

•I’ve faked orgasms and just took care of myself later

•I’ve lied about some things in my past and withheld information from my husband
•I’ve watched porn and liked it

•I still have mental images of porn I’ve watched

•I’ve told my husband that his best friend is fuckin sexy

•I swear more then I want to

•I farted on a bus, picked a victim and just stare at him with a disgusted look in my face and everybody else thought it was him/not proud

•I’ve lied about not speaking Spanish so I wont be bother on translating to someone

•I’ve pretended not to speak Spanish/being Hispanic so I can find out if they are talking about me, surprisingly they were talking about me(more then once)

•I’ve stolen clip packs, paper, whiteout and other stuffs from work

•When I worked at a restaurant I did not shared my tip

•I think about sex more then I admit to

•I checked out other girls and thought that they had nice tits and ass/I am not gay

•I started using tampons last year(not proud)

•I’ve been thinking about buying a dildo

•I’ve pretty much had all kinds of sex

•I think about beauty/good looks more then I want to(not proud)

•I usually want to be friends with the cool or good looking crowd

•I’ve stolen 40 dollars from my husband’s wallet(to avoid the question “what do you need it for”)

•I check his phone/wallet on a regular basis(don't care)

•I’ve hidden food from my husband before he eats it all

•I’ve faked a friendship with my husbands girl friends so I can get juicy details about his past

•I owe money to my best friend(don’t worry girl, I told you I will pay)not proud

•A man made me an offer to have sex with him for money, I thought about it for a couple days (you will see the whole story on “why I came to Canada” entry)

•I don’t regret mistakes I’ve made in my life

•I’ve discriminated against old people(definitely not proud)

•I masturbate and I am too embarrass to admit it(Girl, please don’t ask me how)

•I like to chew on flavored condoms

•Sometimes I don’t let other people talk, I just assume that I know already(working on this one)

•I do a pretty good job of being a faker

•My brothers and I keep secrets from my mom

•I can be a royal bitch when I want to

•I pretend to be a bad liar to my husband so I can later use this to my advantage

•I’ve been planning to have a secret bank account, Just in case if he dumps my ass or the other way around

•I prepare for the worst, is it bad? Sometimes I feel guilty

•I love my husband very much and I am happy to be with him but I keep 10% of that love for myself, is it selfish? Am I wrong? Please some feedback

•I have short patience with stupid people (working on that one)

•I’ve thought that some babies are ugly and I lied when everybody else says : Oh so cute, I would say, “yes cute”

•I don’t care much for babies

•I suspect that one of my girl friends likes my husband, I don’t invite her to my house anymore, I meet her some where else

•I make excuses on why people act certain way, I feel bad to say “they are mean people or he is definitely cheating on you” I always give them the benefit of the doubt and sometimes I don’t want to

•I just hope I have these many things to say on my next post “51 things I like about me”


Richard said...

You seem to be a "real" person. Don't let other peoples opinions change you.

Tulia Jones said...

Wow, good job. You're so brave. I love things like this haha!

Shania said...

Thanks Richard and Tulia Jones for your comments, after I posted this 2 people stopped following my blog and I am not gonna lie I did felt a bit bad but right away I figure well,that's the price to pay for being myself. Once again, thank you!

AlenaRosa said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Nice to meet a fellow latina. I am so glad you enjoy reading my blog and hope you know how much I enjoy yours. You are so brave and I love it.

Shania said...

Thanks AlenaRosa for stopping by. I enjoyed your blog as well.