Thursday, February 5, 2009

Optimistic Newbie

Hello Everyone

Today it’s my first day and my firs time blogging. I hope a lot of people will be reading my blog. In this blog I will be talking about movies, books, magazines, recipes, health issues, life, spirituality, God, relationships, anything I feel like and whatever inspires me at the time. I also like to give advise to people, I am not a shrink or gone to school to be a psychologist but I Just like to help people out. I want to mention that many of you might be offended when it comes to my grammar because I suck (really) and I hope this blog will help me improve it. And please, I only take constructive criticism so don’t even bother leaving me nasty comments, just have an open mind when it comes to my point of view. I also might swear a little, so if you don’t feel like putting up with this shit, just stop reading.

I am going to start with movies. There are a few movies that I recently saw and like to recommend.

The Reader: I loved this movie. I thought the story was so touching and I loved Kate Winslet. This movie was about an older woman that starts a relationship with a younger man and for inexplicable works of fate, they both meet again but in different phases of their lives. I am not gonna say anything else because I don’t want to give the story away. I recommend watching. It is kind of a sad love story and yes I cried so if you feel like a good cry go ahead and watch it.

Revolutionary Road: This movie is about a young couple in the 1950’s, they are wondering if that’s all to life, just getting married, settle down, have kids and not being able to do what your heart desires. I think this movie it’s ok, I mean I relate to many parts of the movie because I have felt that way sometimes, but it is not an excellent movie. I recommend watching it, especially seeing Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio work together, was such a treat.

Doubt: This was a good movie, it starts kind of slow in the beginning and kind of boring. If you are tired or sleepy, you might not want to finish it but just hang in there cause it gets better, (that is just my opinion). It’s about a nun that suspects that a boy is getting molested by a priest. I would recommend watching.

Seven Pounds: Well, this movie was………… alright, I mean it’s kind of confusing in the beginning and it gets a little predictable but I did like it. This movie is about a guy that is depressed because his wife died and he goes around spying on people and finds out if they are “good” people in his standards and if they pass the test he will help them out. Well how about if this guy approached me and I was having a crappy day and I told him off, will that make me a bad person? Well nooo Mr. Thomas, I think I am a pretty decent human being and no, I don’t think I am bad but anyways he did not approach me….. Or maybe someone did? And I just don’t know and…. I did not pass the test? And now I am here broke and writing in a stupid blog instead of having money to go to school and learn how to write?? Ohhh my… Well I do recommend this movie but it is a downer (depressing movie) but not a great movie either.

I will be watching movies and giving reviews on a regular basis. Just keep checking my blog.


Faker said...


Your grammar isn't that bad! (I was so tempted to say ain't but what kinda example would i be setting lol!)
I want to watch doubt, the other 3 movies is just a tad bit girly for me.. i think.

Good luck and hope you have fun blogging!

Long Adam (#2 -1/2) said...

Hey! I think you've got a neat lil blog here.
..Nice reviews: Short & to the point.

I'll be back to read more.
Have fun & be yourself.


Shania said...

At first I was a little self conscious about posting movie reviews but I am glad that someone like them.

sekar s c ( said...

great expression of experience and look for great day ...may be great thinking to share

Shania said...

thank you sekar for you kind words.Many blessings to you and thanks for making me laugh with your jokes :)