Thursday, February 5, 2009

Movie Reviews (Part II)

Ohh yes, yes , yeah baby!!! I got a comment, I got one!

I am just so happy to see that I got a comment from a guy in the U.K. Thanks Faker. You made my day.

This is my second time blogging and I am going to continue with the movie reviews:

Ghost town:(Staring Ricky Gervais ) This movie is about a man that dies unexpectedly, but is miraculously revived after seven minutes, he wakes up to discover that he now has the annoying ability to see ghosts. This movie had a very sarcastic sense of humor, I did laugh a few times but overall it was dry dry dry humor, I nearly choked. I don’t recommend watching, unless you got nothing to do and you saw it for free, like I did.

Pride and Glory :( Starring Edward Norton) This movie is about a bunch of dirty cops and “the usual” good cop that gets to the bottom of everything. This movie was alright,not my type of movie; normally I don’t watch this kind of movies. A friend of mine rented it, so I really had no choice. If you like action films .Well, you might like it. I did not like it, It started very boring then it got better at the end, but it was sooo predictibable. I don’t recommend it.

Slum Dog Millionaire: (Starring Dev Patel and Freida Pinto) This movie is about a guy that lives in the slums. In order to find his long lost love, he decides to participate in a game show called:Who wants to be a millionaire. By acts of fate, he becomes the ultimate winner. I enjoyed this movie, it was different, it was entertaining and I loved the story. I highly recommend it.

The curious case of Benjamin Button: Brad Pit portraits a man that is born backwards (from old to young) falls in love with a little girl, although they are the same age; he looks like he is 100yrs old. Throughout the movie, they are trying to be together but there is always something getting on the way of true love, blah blah blah. Although, I recommend this movie; it did not live up to the expectations. It was a loooong movie that my ass was so sore, as if I was sitting on Benjamin’s buttons.

Here are some links to help you watch movies free. Not the best quality but hey, it’s free. What do you expect? This is a really good site. Its been down for a few days ,but maybe it is just temporarily . Some of the movies might not work, but just keep checking, most of the time there is at least one that works. This is a pretty decent site, I have only used it once and it’s alright. kind of like a search engine to watch movies for free. Trying to move around is not complicated but it can get a little overwhelming. Besides that, it’s pretty cool. Check it out.


Angie said...

Wow...someone was excited over a comment :D
Having fun reading your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, that ovguide's so aadictive. O.O

Thanks for sharing that one.. I really needed it for my project in Literature. :)

Shania said...

I am glad I was able to help. Thanks for taking the time to leave me a comment.

Long Adam (#2 -1/2) said...

I wanted you to know:
Reading your reviews I was reminded of the movie reviewer, Pauline Kreal [I know I'm misspelling her last name.] She wrote short, concise, reviews for movies, in the New Yorker Magazine. For some time, she lived in Paris, and was the owner of a movie-house. She cut her teeth, so to speak, writing reviews for the movies that were in "house." She starting posting them outside the theater.

She is no longer living, but she set a standard with her reviews.

Don't fear your reviews being "too short."

Check the library for Pauline K's reviews. (I wish I had the spelling right on her last name..) I hope you know who I'm talking about. Keep writing. I like your reviews.


Shania said...

Wow! Pauline Kael, the woman is a legend.Did not know who she was until you mentioned it. I humbly take this complement. I am speechless, don't know what to say, the only think that this will inspire me to be myself.

Love Always said...

I liked ghost town, but maybe I just like dry humor, I really want to see the curious case of benjamin button. Keep up the good work, I'm sure I'll be back. You should do a review of "Burn after reading" it's the worst movie ever made..

Shania said...

I thought burn after reading was not bad. It was kind of a dark comedy but I enjoyed it. Thanks for the message.