Friday, May 1, 2009

Letter to my grandma

While working at the same coffee shop/restaurant that I mentioned on my last story, a petit red headed woman in her 40’s approached me. Asked for a coffee, proceeded to take a sit and began drinking her coffee. Closing time was approaching; I was trying to do as much possible so I could leave soon. She decided to start a conversation with me but I wasn’t very happy about that because that meant stopping what I was doing to start chatting with her.

She began telling me that she was a writer and was trying to find someone to publish her books but wasn’t having much luck. I didn’t know what to tell her. Obviously I felt bad that she was having a hard time publishing her books but I couldn’t do anything about it. I told her not to give up and to believe that when the time was right everything would fall into place.

{Ok, here I go with one of those incredible stories that I don’t have an explanation to and I am not even sure on what to believe. I am trying to recall as much as I can but somehow my fear prevented me from remember everything so I will only write what I remember.}

She said: “I have a message from your grandmother”

I smiled and said: “I am sorry I think you have the wrong person, my grandmother doesn’t live here”

She said “No, I am not confused it is you who I have to give the message to and I know that your grandmother doesn’t live here, she died about 4years ago”

I was terrified. I couldn’t find any logical way to explain how this woman knew about my grandmother. I have never mentioned anything about my grandmother to anyone. I didn’t (and still not sure) that the dead come back and leave messages to people. I let her talked but was very nervous because I couldn’t find an explanation.

She continued saying: “your grandmother wants you to tell your mother not to worry that everything its going to be ok (My mom was having some serious health problems). She wants you to go back to school as soon as possible and to finish what you started (I left the states without finishing college). That she is very proud of you. In regards of your current relationship don’t be afraid you will be really happy with him (yes, I was going out with Marven at the time). She wants everybody to know that she is in a good place; there is no need to worry about anything.

I was perplexed…. couldn’t think about anything. I was in a state of shock. Wished I would have asked questions but I didn’t. I was very surreal and my mind went blank. Before leaving she mentioned her name but I wasn’t really listening.

I am still not sure what to make of this. I don’t know if it this lady just happen to guess all this or that it was really my grandmother that gave her the message. Either way, if I could see my grandmother again… I would give her this letter.

Querida Abuelita (Dear Grandma):

The day you left, there was a huge void in my heart. I am sorry that I didn’t go to your funeral but I felt that it was point less because you were not there anymore. I am happy that when you were alive, we got to say our goodbyes and you told me how much you loved me. I always knew you did. After all do you remember that it was you who I would look for when my mom wanted to hit me? I knew you would defended me and you always believed in me. I pretended that I didn’t hear you when you secretly told me that I was your favorite granddaughter. Even if you would’ve never told me, your actions did.

I always admired you. You were such a strong woman but knew when to be soft if the situation required it. You didn’t even finish middle school and yet you were a wealth of knowledge. You knew exactly what to do if I was sick or was in trouble. You were never afraid to show your affection but would correct me if I was being a brat.

I would’ve wanted you to be around longer but your time was up. Abuelita I miss you so much. There has been times in my life when I have felt lost and had wished that I could ask you questions. You had all the answers (at least that’s how I felt). You always knew how to comfort me and make everything better. Between you and me, I got along way better with you then with mom (shhhh just don’t tell her, I know you can keep a secret).

How I wish you can still be here right now. I really want to hug you and be with you even if I couldn’t talk to you. Just to feel your warmth and know that I am safe.
Thank you so much for all those wonderful years that you gave me and the many sacrifices that you made in trying to protect me.

If I ever become a grandmother I wish that I could be half the woman you were. Dear grandma, I know you are gone but you left hundreds of fond memories tattooed in my mind and in my heart. Be sure that my offspring will know about you and you will come alive through recollections of the time we were together. Until we meet again abuelita…. I will be missing you.

Quien te ama y nunca te olvida,



The Novelista Barista said...

wow thats insane!!!!!!!!!
Thats totally crazy..... its like, if that was made up, how could she be so dead on accurate?

Craziness... i really hope u get to see this lady again... but chances are u wont.

That is a great letter. thanks for sharing. I love those pictures too

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

Too beautiful Shania.

Thomas said...

Does working in coffee shop mean you have a lot of interesting stories?

.beee. said...

I'm so glad you shared that letter. It was beautiful, and I'm sure your grandmother would be so very proud of the woman you are today =)

Thomas said...

I am glad you are enjoying my blog, Shania. Now I will start reading yours.

Christine said...

I got shiver up and down my spine. THat was incredable!!!!!!!

And your letter to your grandmother, beautiful. I feel that she already knew every word you wrote, before you even wrote it.

Thank you for a great post!

Christine said...

I have a little something for you to pick up on my blog :O)

Anonymous said...

That is hot. I'm not so sure I believe in "knowing" or crossing those barriers, but your love for your Grandmother is obvious & beautiful. This was a touching post to get to know you by.

Libertine said...

Absolutely spooky story. I love your letter to your Grandmother xxx

Anonymous said...

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Shania said...

Novelista Barista: Till this day I am wondering how this woman knew so much about me. Chances are that I would never see this lady again. Although my mom still asks if I have seen this lady.

Alpha B: Thank you!

Thomas: You have an excellent blog. LOL hmm... you should try to work in a coffee shop.

Christine: I do hope my grandma read this letter. thanks so much for the award.

Bee: thank you. i hope to make my abuelita proud.

Frank n Marry: I am not sure if I believe it too. I guess what matters is that while she was alive she knew how much I loved her.

Libertine: Thanks for your comment. I was scared too,but not anymore.

Screenivasu: Hmmm.. thanks for the tip.

Faker said...

slightly creepy but that is a touching letter. I need to see my grandad.. it's been too long!

Shania said...

I am glad that this post reminded you to visit your grandad. thanks for commenting.