Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Funny Videos

To those of you that have been kind enough to give me an award(thanks so much it is enormously appreciated). I am reading new blogs and catching up with others so that I can pass on these awards.

The following are some of my favorite videos from youtube. Enjoy and remember "it is just a joke".


Libertine said...

Rolf! Shania, you made me laugh to tears! Your awars is well deserved, for all you say and share x

Christine said...

I am right up there with Libertine!!!!

Faker said...

love russell peters! he knows what it's like for us non-whites growing up! :P

Thomas said...

A great idea for a post.

Shania said...

Libertine: I am so glad you like my vids. It's great to know that they made you laugh. Thank you!

Christine: thanks!

Faker: Totally! Hope you like the vid.

Thomas: Thanks. I will see more videos in the near future.