Friday, May 22, 2009

Those Were The Days...

{One of my favorite poems. Check it out}

The days of my youth are over

The days of “everything will be alright” are gone

All I have are the memories of what happened during those years.

Those years full of happiness, bitterness and hopefulness.

The days were my friends were my world and there was no human power that could separate us.

The days were I felt the hottest and the ugliest.

The thinnest and the fattest.

The saddest and the happiest.

Everybody told me how beautiful I was… but I felt ugly. How wrong was I...

The days were I believe in the happily ever after

The days I believed I could change the world

The days I thought I would never die, I would never get old

All I have are bittersweet memories of the past, remembering those fun times…..

Those days that I can’t go back to and not sure if I want to do that

I wonder where you are Wendy

I wonder what you are doing Karla

I wonder if you are happy Jesus

Anthony, did you know how much I liked you?

Jose… why would you do that? That is not the person you once were..

Michaelon, would you remember me if you heard my name?

Although I miss those days I have no regrets.

Do I wish I could have done more? Yes

Do I wish I would have done it better? Yes

DO I wish I didn’t make mistakes? No

I am thankful that I wasn’t afraid to live…. I have so many stories to tell….

P.S Don’t forget to wear your sunscreen!


Faker said...

One of my favourite songs/poems,
I have always remembered the line..

"don't mess too much with your hair, or by the time your 40 you will look 85"

because of that line i never spend more than a few minutes styling my hair lol!

I wish i could have done more and have done it better as well. BUT there is still a lot of time left to do more and to do it better!

Anonymous said...

That is definitely worth rereading. I'll bet you still have some radical inclinations, and we all have more mistakes to make..

Anonymous said...

That's a really lovely poem, perhaps even sad? I could see a lot of my youthful thinking in it!

Shania said...

Faker: LOL Actually right before I checked this message I was thinking "maybe I should stop coloring my hair... I don't want to look 85 at 40"
You are so right "there still time to make it better" Sometimes I am so dramatic.

Frank and Marry: We definitely have more mistakes to make.

Greenfingers: Yes I love that poem as well. So full of wisdom and every time I hear it,makes me think of my youth as well.

Jeah said...

in this lifetime and in my next i always remind myself to S-M-I-L-E.

S-mile, it will make you glow
M-ake mistakes, it’s okay!
I-nteract, there are many great people out there
L-augh, life is beautiful!
E-njoy, you deserve it.


great one dear...