Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Why did I come to Canada?! Part 25 of 27

One morning, I heard someone knocking on the door around 7am. I thought that maybe Moe forgot his keys but when I opened the door it was Marven. I was so embarrassed to see him because I just woke up and looked awful. He excused himself for coming very early but said that it was impossible to find me in the evenings and he just wanted to say hello. We chatted for a bit, I updated him about my life then he left to go to work. Marven’s morning visits were becoming more often. I would wake up around 6:30am washed my face, brushed my teeth, putted a little blush and mascara, checked that I was smelling fresh and go back to bed. When he came, I would pretend that I just woke up (I wanted him to think that I woke up with minty breath and rosy cheeks).

It was a Friday night and I managed to finish at 11pm. I got home and saw Marven waiting in the lobby, he said “I was waiting for Moe” (yeah right of course I didn’t believe him) he came in; we made out and asked me if I wanted to have sex (I really wanted to have sex with him). That was the day that I finally knew what making love was. He was so gentle, he took the time to get me in the mood, and he made sure that I always had pillows under my head. It was so different from what I knew from Piercedtongue.

The truth was that I didn’t think much of my relationship with Marven. He was a sweet handsome guy that I was attracted to but I didn’t see it seriously. I thought “I am just gonna use this experience to mend my heart and then it’s over, this is only a hook up”

Going to work was a drag, not because I was working 12 hours a day and 6 days per week but because my boss was always trying to catch a feel. I would be washing dishes or preparing an order and he would walk by me, bump into my butt and say “oh I am sorry it was an accident”. I would believe his story if it happened a few times but it was very often. After the butt incident he moved on to hugging me in the kitchen when no one was around. I asked him to stop but he continued and now trying to kiss me on my cheek. I felt so helpless because I didn’t want to lose my job; I almost had enough money to move out of Moe’s and couldn’t afford to lose this job. I thought on telling his wife but I knew that if I said anything, she would fire me. I endured his constant sexual harassment and avoided any situation in which I had to be alone with him.

It was Saturday morning. I got to work and noticed that his wife wasn’t there. I asked if she was sick and he said “I have decided to give her Saturdays off because it is not very busy, you and me can handle the clients” (are you kidding me? Saturdays were our busiest days!) I didn’t feel like talking to him so I just continued with my work. Closing time was approaching and I kept telling him that I could finish by myself and that he could go home (anything to avoid being alone with him). He refused to go home insisting that I could finish faster if he was around to help me.

I was staying away from him and always standing by the surveillance cameras, just in case if he tried to do something, it’s caught on camera. I needed to go to the kitchen were he was and thought” ok, I am going in really quick, take whatever I need and leave before I give him a chance to hug me or something like it. As soon as I went in the kitchen, I saw him smiling at me in a very creepy way. He hugged me really tightly and tried to kiss me on the lips; I managed to pull away and kicked him in the shins.

He was chasing me around the tables and chairs. I was so scared and told him to leave me alone and that I didn’t want to work there anymore. There were stools lined up and thought that if I could climb up the table, run through those stools really fast I could make it to the back door and leave. I managed to run through 3 stools when I lost my balance and felt off, I landed on a bunch of chairs and got hurt pretty badly. Half of my body was on the floor and the other half was still on the chairs. I felt a bump on my forehead growing by the second and couldn’t get up. I was crying, telling him to go away. He offered to take me to the hospital and said we would pay for it. I didn’t want to go because my visitors permit expired.

He took me home and apologized but I was still very upset, he promised that he wont bother me anymore but to please not leave the job(many of my friends said that I should’ve ask him for a raise and /or money to keep my mouth shut and not tell his wife. Frankly I thought about it but didn’t want to complicate my life even more. He told me to take the week off and paid my wages (it wasn’t free money I worked for this).


underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Shania,

That was a tough situation to be in: needing the money the job provided but having to endure the constant harassment from your boss.


.beee. said...

WOW! What a creep that guy was! I'm glad he decided to leave you alone after that....too bad you had to get hurt before he would take your refusals seriously =/

Shania said...

If I only could post a picture of that man... creepy is nothing.... he was very disgusting looking in all possible ways.

yes, it was very hard to put up with his harassment. After a while a new girl came and he started to do the same thing to her. her and i got together and were going to tell his wife. He begged us not to tell her and offered to stop harassing her.