Thursday, September 24, 2009

The best foreign movies I've ever seen

Wow, I can’t believe it took me close to two months to post another entry. I had a very busy and fun summer (wish I could say it was productive) but I enjoyed it none of the less. Ok, so here is my list of best foreign movies. I am also posting the links so that you can enjoy them as well but for better video quality, go to a video rental store.

Malena (2000 Italy)

On the day in 1940 that Italy enters the war, two things happen to the 12-year-old Renato: he gets his first bike, and he gets his first look at Malèna. She is a beautiful, silent outsider who's moved to this Sicilian town to be with her husband, Nico. He promptly goes off to war, leaving her to the lustful eyes of the men and the sharp tongues of the women. During the next few years, as Renato grows toward manhood, he watches Malèna suffer and prove her mettle. He sees her loneliness, then grief when Nico is reported dead, the effects of slander on her relationship with her father, her poverty and search for work, and final humiliations.

Icouldn't find a decent link but you can

Pan's labyrinth (2006 Mexico/Spain)

In 1944 fascist Spain, a girl, fascinated with fairy-tales, is sent along with her pregnant mother to live with her new stepfather, a ruthless captain of the Spanish army. During the night, she meets a fairy who takes her to an old faun in the center of the labyrinth. He tells her she's a princess, but must prove her royalty by surviving three gruesome tasks. If she fails, she will never prove herself to be the true princess and will never see her real father, the king, again.

I couldn't find a reliable link for this film but you can check out,perhaps you might have better luck.

Tell no one ( 2006 France)

The pediatrician Alexandre Beck misses his beloved wife Margot Beck, who was brutally murdered eight years ago when he was the prime suspect. When two bodies are found near where the corpse of Margot was dumped, the police reopen the case and Alex becomes suspect again. The mystery increases when Alex receives an e-mail showing Margot older and alive.

Lilja 4-ever (2000 Russia, Sweden, Denmmark)

In the former Soviet Union, sixteen year old Lilja is very happy, because her mother is moving to the USA with her boyfriend. However, Lilja is left alone, without money or family in a very poor apartment. She spends her time with her only friend, the rejected boy Volodya. Lilja begins to prostitute in a nightclub to survive, and she meets a young man, Andrei, who seduces her and invites Lilja to move with him to Sweden with a promise of a job and lodging. When she arrives in Sweden, reality is not exactly as dreamed.

Orphanage (2007 Mexico-Spain)

The former orphan Laura raises her adopted son Simón with her husband Carlos in an old house and former orphanage where she was raised. Simón is HIV positive and tells Laura that he has five invisible friends, and she believes they are fruit of his imagination. Laura decides to reopen an orphanage for handicapped children in the location and during the opening party, Simón calls her to show the little cabin of his friend Tomás. The busy Laura does not gives much attention to her son; then she sees a mysterious masked boy and Simón vanishes. Laura feels the presence of other persons in the house and months later, the desperate Laura invites a team of parapsychologists to try to unravel the mystery.

As times goes on I hope that my list of “The best foreign movies I’ve ever seen” keeps growing and be sure that I will share them with you. All these films are a must and would love to hear your thoughts once you watch them.

*Megavideo will interrupt you after 72 minutes and will ask you to come back in 52 minutes.


underOvr (aka The U) said...

Hi Shania,

Glad to hear you had a fun summer. I've seen the movie Malena and it was entertaining.


Libertine said...

Pan's labirynth is definately a fantastic film. I haven't seen the rest of your list, but shall try to find them soon.

Shania said...

U: Hello! I am very happy to hear from. I am also glad that you liked Malena, it's such a great movie.

Libertine: Yes in deed, Pan's Labyrinth is a great movie. I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the movies and let me know your thoughts. Thanks so much for your comment, it is really appreciated!

AlpHa Buttonpusher said...

I've seen Pan's labirith and I have it on dvd (must watch it again:). Such a wonderful story and well made movie.

Anonymous said...

Nice to have you back Shania. I've seen a couple of these films but will add a few more for you that I love for you to check out! Your going to have to trust me if there any good or not!!

Cinema Paradiso
Jean De Florette and Manon Des Sources
Il Postino
The Diving Bell And The Butterfly
Once (an Irish film)